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Helight Kidzzz

A child-friendly version of the most advanced patented sleep aid device. The same proven technology than our acclaimed Helight Sleep device. Create a fun ritual to help kids go to bed.

😴 Fall Asleep Faster, Better and Deeper

Ever wake up at 3am and can't get back to sleep? We got you. Our device is designed to enhance sleep quality and help falling asleep.

❤️‍🩹 100% Safe and Natural
Our device helps promote sleep. No chemicals, nothing ingested - just 100% natural sleep.

🌍 Portable and travel friendly

Rechargeable and battery operated, so you can use over and over again. No subscription required. Easily fits into your carry on to fight off jet lag.

🔴 Pure Sleep Enhancing Red Light at 630nm
Inspired by NASA and is the fruit of 3 years of R&D done with sleep scientists. Patented & Award Winning
⭐️ Trusted by 60,000+ and Professional Athletes
Used by Premier League, MLS, MLB, NHL and FIFA world cup teams.

🛠️ 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Did something go wrong? Just contact us and we will fix it.

Adapted for children

Helight Kidzzz help children and infants sleep better. Aside from the biological effect it triggers, this patented device also creates a playful and fin ritual that eases bedtime.

Happy moms testimony

Read about two celebrity moms' positive experience using our sleep aid device with their kids.

"It transformed my relationship with the night and that of some dear people around me."

"I tested this lamp with baby (success) and also with my son who is very restless in the evening during sleep! One word: WOW!"

A new frontier in sleep aid

In her book entitled "Le Sommeil du Jeune Enfant*" (translation: A child's Sleep*)", Héloïse Junier, psychology doctor, emphasizes the importance of red light for sleep. Studies even highlight a potentially protective role of the red component of the spectrum on melatonin secretion. According to Junier, it would be better to expose your child to warm artificial light rather than sunlight. Helight Sleep emits red light at 630 nanometers and promotes sleep, just like the natural light of the sun when it sets.

*Junier, Héloïse. (2019). Le sommeil du jeune enfant. DUNOD (Junier, 2019, p. 106)

Designed in France and Canada

Helight Sleep is a French innovation, the result of 3 years of research and designed in Laval, Quebec, by a team of engineers who spent an entire year designing it, choosing the highest quality components available.


  • Protocol duration: 28 minutes
  • Battery capacity: 1200 mAh (28 cycles)
  • Power: Standard USB 5V-1A (5W)
  • Full charge time: 3h
  • Wavelength: 630nm (+/-5nm)
  • USB cable included

Return Policy: The 60 day trial policy applies only to Helight Sleep and Helight Kidzzz devices purchased on the website and in participating stores. Contact us within 60 days of receiving the device and we will give you the authorization and return procedure (return at your expense). The device must be undamaged, in the original box with accessories and user manual. A charge of $ 10 applies for each missing accessory. Shipping costs are not refunded.

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